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Living in sunny Collier County, FL, for nearly two decades had been a dream. But recently, those dreams turned into restless nights – a full-blown bed bug infestation. Waking up with itchy bites and seeing telltale signs on our mattresses was a horrifying discovery. Every bed in our house, from the master suite to the guest room, seemed to be crawling with these unwanted guests.

As a family man with a 10-year-old daughter, harsh chemicals were absolutely out of the question. We needed a safe and effective bed bug treatment solution. We craved a peaceful sleep, not the stress of worrying about harmful toxins in our home.

Thankfully, a quick online search led us to Stat Pest Control, even though they’re based in Lee County FL. They assured us they serviced Collier County as well. From the very first contact, they were professional and understanding. The representative listened patiently to our concerns and assured us of a treatment plan that would eliminate the bed bugs without putting our family at risk.

A certified technician promptly arrived at our home for a thorough inspection. They identified the extent of the infestation and the potential entry points. The technician explained the treatment plan clearly, outlining a safe and effective approach that would eradicate the bed bugs at all life stages – eggs, nymphs, and adults.

The treatment itself was professional and meticulous. The technician ensured all bedding was treated and used eco-friendly methods that were safe for our family and pets. They also provided detailed instructions on how to prepare our home for treatment and what to expect afterward. Within a short timeframe, the itchy bites and sleepless nights became a distant memory.

We can’t thank Stat Pest Control enough for their expertise and prompt action. Their safe and effective treatment not only eliminated the bed bug infestation but also gave us back our peace of mind. If you’re facing a similar situation with bed bugs in Collier County, FL, and are concerned about the safety of your family, don’t hesitate to contact Stat Pest Control – even though they are in Lee County, their service extends to your area. Stat Pest Control will help you reclaim your home and your restful nights, bed bug-free! Now, we can finally sleep soundly again, knowing our haven is safe from these nighttime hitchhikers.